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On an evening stroll through downtown Cincinnati, you might walk right past the rustic doorway to one 4EG’s additions to Cincinnati’s nightlife, established in 2012. The understated, yet inviting, entrance to Igby’s reveals very little about the other side of the door. In fact, the mystery is a critical element of the appeal. One of the most common questions from guests is about the origin of the name.

Guests of Igby’s are instantly greeted with the crackling of an oversized fireplace and a cordial ambiance accented by wood-planked walls. The space itself is huge—approximately 7,500 square feet. The Civil War-era building posed many challenges, but developers persevered through massive restoration work to create a modern and hyper-stylized space. The Igby’s atrium features balconies around each level so that patrons can look up or down onto the other floors. Igby’s also has two outdoor patios: one with plush seating in an urban alley and one on the second floor that allows for people watching along the burgeoning Restaurant Row.

Prior to opening, Igby’s invited world-renowned mixologist, Brian Van Flandern, to create a craft cocktail menu that would garner attention throughout the Midwest. The menu includes the bourbon-tinged Black Cherry Sling (with a kick of nutmeg) and the Tito’s Austin Blossom.

The culinary team at Igby’s has created a nine-item menu to complement the cocktail menu. From 4pm-10pm, guests can order a variety of locally-inspired menu items, like the 50 West Coast to Coast Bison Sliders or the Chicken Bruschetta Focaccia Pizza.

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